I only recently realized just how much my life has revolved around food. Yes, I have always considered myself a food-lover, but my interest and passion has deepened and broadened considerably in my young adulthood. I fully expect it will continue to develop all my life. When I moved away to college and had to start feeding myself (really, without my mother or edible food service, I easily avoided the dread Freshman 15) I learned a lot, very quickly. Like how to shop on a budget, how to put together a balanced healthful meal, and perhaps most importantly, that the tastiest food is the freshest food. This led to an interest in organic gardening, which turned out to be one of the most invigorating, inspiring, and satisfying things I have ever done. My interest in gardening led to volunteer work on a small vegetable farm, which led to a job at a farmer’s market, which led to an internship at another vegetable farm in the Northeast, and so on throughout the remainder of my college career. When it came time to write my thesis, there could be only one topic: sustainable agriculture. In particular, I examined the historical meanings and political contexts of organic farming in the U.S., and compared this to the USDA Organic standards. As it turns out, organic farming is really radical, and I’m really into that. And no, I haven’t seen Food, Inc., but I could probably tell you everything in it. My interest in food is really all-encompassing: it is my sustenance, my cure, my comfort, my drive, my artistic outlet and my political platform. I have so much knowledge floating around in my head, and a truly insatiable appetite, both physically and intellectually. So now I’m living in a fantastic city with a lot of folks who are dedicated to those radical, but absolutely critical ideas of clean, fair, wholesome food. I want to use this blog as a means to inform, inspire, evaluate, experiment, explore, share, learn and grow.